Hedda Gabler – The Beginning

Icarus' Hedda Gabler

The Hedda Gabler cast and creative team met at the London Bubble today for a first read-through of the script and a discussion about the play and the upcoming rehearsals. The cast had travelled from Cambridge after two nights playing Othello at the Mumford Theatre, and everyone was excited and looking forward to the new challenge ahead.

Hedda Read

Director Max Lewendel began the session by explaining the concept for Hedda, including the plans for costume, lighting and sound. Designer Chris Hone then explained how his set plan would work in practice, and the cast had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss some logistics before beginning the read.

The read-through was both fun and illuminating, prompting some exciting ideas for the whole team to carry with them into the rehearsal process on the 8th December.

Everyone was very happy with how the day had gone, and the cast headed…

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